Yes, Feminists KNOW Sarah Palin Is A Woman

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As the first woman nominated by the Republican party to the vice presidency, Sarah Palin has achieved a form of celebrity status. It is simply not possible to tune into any news program for an extended period of time without seeing an image of her, or catching a daily sound bite. Publicly we have become obsessed with discussing her virtues and her failures.

Many feminists actively supported Hillary Clinton and so when Palin implied that she could be substituted for Hillary many looked at her credentials and declared her resoundingly anti-feminist. With the introduction of intersectionality, modern feminism has expanded to cover the life experiences of a diversity of women.

No matter what feminist theory one chooses to advocate, each focuses on improving the lives of women through the validation of women’s agency and the affirmation of women’s bodily integrity. When we consider Palins positions from a feminist lens, she is clearly not a feminist.

Some in the media have taken the rejection of Palin by feminists to mean that somehow she is not considered a woman by us.

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