Papa Murphy's Guest Survey

Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey Offer

  1. A Papa Murphy’s redemption code

Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey Offer Rules

  1. Coupon cannot be used with any other coupon or discount offer at the same time.
  2. You must present your receipt with a validation code to receive the discount offer.
  3. The validation code is not be redeemable for cash.
  4. Valid for one use only.

Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question and you don’t need a receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question and you need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish the Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey via your smartphone and it may take you more than 5 minutes to finish.

Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Papa Murphy’s guest survey official site.
  2. You can either enter your store number and your date of visit or search the store number by entering your zip code.
  3. Select time of day of your visit.
  4. Select answers to the questions like “How often do you visit Papa Murphy’s?” and so forth.
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction with this visit to Papa Murphy’s based on your most recent visit.
  6. Rate the statements like “Food Quality” based on your most recent experience.
  7. Select answers to the questions about yourself like your age.
  8. Answer the open question about the exceptional service you received based on your visit.
  9. Write the redemption code on your receipt or certificate and redeem it during your next visit.

Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey Video
It is pretty easy to finish Papa Murphy’s guest survey within 5 minutes. Please refer to the following video if you are not able to finish it with all the information above.

More Information about Papa Murphy’s
Papa Murphy’s Take ’N’ Bake pizza is unique. Fresh pizza is made of the finest ingredients. Then you take it home and bake it in your oven whenever you’re ready. You can call in your order ahead of time. When you get to your neighborhood Papa Murphy’s, you won’t have to wait in line to order. Just pick up your pizza and head home to bake it. Typical baking time is 12-15 minutes in a standard oven. Allow 25–30 minutes for a stuffed pizza or calzone. It takes 20–30 minutes on a charcoal, gas or wood pellet grill. There are benefits of becoming a Papa Murphy’s eClub member. For starters, free membership and free cookie dough on your birthday. What is more, you can receive exclusive offers throughout the year.

Papa Murphy’s provides award winning pizza before your eyes. It’s part of what makes Papa Murphy’s different, and its part of what makes Papa Murphy’s the best. They are very proud of it. Papa Murphy’s also has a eClub. Purchase any pizza and you will get a second pizza of equal or lesser value for 50% off.

Take Papa Murphy’s survey at and even more.

About Papa Murphy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website:
Survey Incentive: A Papa Murphy’s redemption code
Host Website:
Marketing Support: Mindshare

Reference Links

  1. Papa Murphy’s official website –
  2. Papa Murphy’s Facebook page –
  3. Papa Murphy’s Twitter page –
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20 comments on “ – Papa Murphy’s Guest Survey
  1. Jim says:

    The cowboy pizza was really GREAT,Every one of them!

  2. Don Hilburn says:

    Clay, the store manager at 3030 N Rockwell, Oklahoma City, Okla. has a professional attitude in knowing how customer’s want to be treated. Great Manager… Great Service Great Pizza… Papa Murphy’s Pizza ! Thank You, Don Hilburn

  3. Lois and Richard Swiontek says:

    Very very good the pizzas we enjoy them now even better in Plover WI

  4. Debbie says:

    I have been buying pizza at this location in Alameda for years. Always good food and service.

  5. Dean Welch says:

    Good service – good pizza – prompt – order taken on the phone and was ready when I called for it.

  6. Dennis Doty says:

    I cannot get in to the survey.

  7. Diane Johnson says:

    I live in Fairfield CA. On the night of Wednesday May 18 2016, My Husband and I called Papa Murphy’s To order a pizza. We went to pick up our pizza we have never been treated so rudely. There were 4 Males working in the store and began to make fun of our skin color (we are white) the car we drive, and even what we ordered. My husband asked what the problem was as they were laughing, high fiving each other and continued to insult us. We asked to speak to the manager. We were told to leave a message. We asked for a number where he could be reached at the next day and they would not give it to us. Needless to say, we will not go back and the friends at our home waiting for us will also not go back. These men should be fired before they run off all your customers. I’m sure there’s others.

  8. Antonio says:

    it was delicious.

  9. Antonio says:

    it was excellent

    • Kaydence says:

      Para minimizar os efeitos da decisão do STF, todos os bens e salários dos ministros do STF, que votaram pelo que aí está, deveriam ser coadsicnfos e convertidos em cestas básicas para os atingidos.

  10. gary says:

    best pizza in town

  11. robert gertsch says:

    fast service,good protect

  12. jeff says:

    Best pizza, best price!

    • Jeslyn says:

      Hi Clare!Yes, I agree. The quirks and imfneprctioes is what makes this method of printing so lovely. I also find that the actual carving is my favorite part. I’ve carved many that I’ve never used.Thanks for visiting.

  13. ej vincent says:

    great taste

  14. ej vincent says:

    good pie

  15. kathy sisk says:

    love it!!

  16. kathy sisk says:

    Love it!!!!

  17. kathy sisk says:

    Really like Papa Murpys Pizza!!!

  18. David moulden says:

    Great pizza always