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OfficeMax Feedback Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit OfficeMax Feedback Survey official website.
  2. Enter the code, date, and time of your visit.
  3. Answer all the questions to complete the survey.

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OfficeMax is a leader in both business-to-business office products solutions and retail office products. The company provides office supplies and paper, in-store print and document services through OfficeMax ImPress, technology products and solutions, and furniture to consumers and to large, medium and small businesses. They do businesses through direct sales, catalogs, e-commerce and more than 900 stores. You can get access to OfficeMax in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. You may search jobs online and apply one to join them.

Upon completion of the following survey, your name will be entered into a drawing to win either home office furniture worth nearly $300 or one of four $50 OfficeMax gift cards. Drawings will be held quarterly; you will be notified by mail if you are a winner. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the drawing.

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About OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Survey Incentive: $5 off $25 purchase or more coupon
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47 comments on “ – OfficeMax Feedback Survey
  1. Smithd969 says:

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  3. Mrs. Gale Hendrickson says:

    I needed a new printer and asked for assistance, the manager Gerry Petty was available and explained several printers to me, and which one was the better fit and deal. I was very pleased with her guidance and did purchased a HP printer.

  4. Nabeel tanzeel says:

    I went to OfficeMax to get some work done, we met Stephanie she helped me a lot thanks to her we got our work done.Stephanie was brilliant and she’s excellent in her work and assisting customers.her code was24JX A6P4 1Q2N.if there any stars to give her I surely give her hindered stars.Stephanie was too helpfull she’s toooo good.

  5. Kimberly says:

    Hi there my name is Kimberly and i am on the survey from paul s

  6. Pam says:

    I was going to do this survey on line but I feel it was asking questions that should not concern you. I do not mind answering questions about the service/employee who assisted me while shopping in your store. However, for you to ask how much my income is, what type of insurance I have or what kind of car I drive should not be any concern of yours. I did not fill out this survey. I will say that I did purchase a shredder from Office Max on 4/29/16. My Survey Code is 6219-03-7431-4. Mitch assisted me and has assisted me in times past. He has been very helpful with my shopping needs. I will continue to shop at Office Max and will continue assistance from Mitch but I will never again go on line for the survey. As I stated it is much to personal. Until you send me your balance sheet/Income statement I see no need for you to know any of my personal business. Do not mean to be rude but just trying to get a point across. Thank you

  7. Carolyn Alison says:

    Failed to get employees name (but #285354) appeared to be alone in the store as I entered. I commented on that seemed threatening for her. She said others (2) were in the back and they did appear shortly. She left the cashier area to direct me to the printer cartridge area and stayed to make sure I found what I needed. She then checked me out.
    I asked about using my Veterans’ Advantage discount card but she said I should go to the website before leaving home and print coupons that apply. She was very pleasant, helpful and productive.

  8. Lydia says:

    Sharon at the store was very helpful and nice

  9. Pat Mayr says:

    Went in for office supplies and saw office chairs on sale. The salesman, Ron and Tyler helped so much to find what’d I needed. They worked to find me more chairs, bit since they were on sale, there wasn’t anymore to be found. Tyler loaded up my car and was very helpful and kind. I love your store, the help is fabulous.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Shelley Mack says:

    I was just in the Monroeville PA store, took advantage of the $10.00 when making a purchase of
    $50.00 or more. Your employee…Cameren M. was FANTASTIC, helped me IMMENSELY !!!
    What a great shopping experience….i was in and out because of his assistance.

  11. Marshall Militano says:

    James and Alex were very helpful when I was selecting my purchases at the Office Max store in Glendale, AZ on April 16, 2016 My survey code # is 6171-02-4686-1

  12. J Stafford says:

    I like doing business with OfficeMax, great products as well as impeccable customers service.

  13. Gloria Justus says:

    Robert was such a help to me at Office Depot this week. I picked up my computer Monday the 4th of April and he had my computer tuned up and removed the virus. He’s a very personable young man, a lot of fun and highly intelligent. I had my sister take her computer in, she also had a virus and he fixed her computer also with the help of RJ. RJ is also a great guy and was also very helpful and easy to talk with. You have two good employees on your hands the kind that go out of there way for you. hang onto them. Thanks Robert and RJ for all your support. Looking forward to seeing you both again. Thanks so much!

  14. Gloria Justus says:

    Robert was such a help to me at Office Depot this week. I picked up my computer Monday the 4th of April and he had my computer tuned up and removed the virus. He’s a very personable young man, a lot of fun and highly intelligent. I had my sister take her computer in, she also had a virus and he fixed her computer also with the help of RJ. RJ is also a great guy and was also very helpful and easy to talk with. You have two good employees on your hands the kind that go out of there way for you. Hang onto them. Thanks Robert and RJ for all your support. Looking forward to seeing you both again. Thanks so much!

  15. Marguerite Chase Lebo says:

    the only place to shop. survey code 6427-01-6917-4

  16. Dennis Sampsonz says:

    don’t Want any more clutter

  17. Dennis Sampsonz says:

    don’t wand any more apps to confuse things

  18. Ken says:

    I was in your store yesterday for some ink. Your employees were very helpful and nice. I buy most of my computer needs from you because your employees treat me fairly.

  19. Nayda Vega says:

    Ayer estuve en la tienda de Bayamón-Puerto Rico y me atendió Zelma en el momento de pagar, una chica muy agradable.

  20. Dan says:

    I had to purchased ink for my printer at work and NICK was very nice and assisted me on my purchase. Thank you NICK. SURVEY CODE 6080-03-1195-6

  21. ed roth says:

    Jim gave me great service today.
    Ed Roth

  22. Frema Byrd says:

    Chadwick Rainbolt at the store in Davis, CA was very helpful for me, a techno-phobic senior citizen. I needed a new printer and while the one I wanted was on back order with no approximate date of arrival, he directed my to a Brother. Took me a total of 10 hours to install but I managed I would definitely seek him out in the future.

  23. Rogelio Bello says:

    I visited Office Max today to buy some envelopes and I picked up a plastic floor saver carpet and some file folders. I was treated ROYALTY. the Plastic floor matt was the one on display on the floor and one of the file folders box was broken. I asked the manager for a discount and HE OBLIGED

    This Store manager is always on the ball, attentive and willing to serve

  24. rita says:

    I would like to say how impressed I am with Sue’s artistic ability. She did a wonderful job helping me with my picture project. I’m happy with how it turned out it’s perfect…Thank you Sue at Office Max in Lockport ,NY

  25. George Christophe says:

    `We buy at Office Max always treated exceptionally well! I had to return a printer we had a problem with and had misplaced our receipt, however we had also bought a service agreement to cover the printer! We contacted the service company Asurion, spoke to several people they even referred me to out of the country number, without my receipt they couldn’t help even though I had my service agreement! Finally called Office Max spoke to store manager Alex Belina,Circle drive store,Cicero,NY he knew I was frustrated but assured me he would help and did, even though he wasn’t in store his asst. mgrs. (2) helped me get a replacement for my printer and did it with great courtesy asst. Mgrs. Andrea and Danielle! This was my 3rd equipment purchase,why would I ever want to buy anywhere else? Thank you Mr.Alex Belina, and Asst, Mgrs. Andrea and Danielle with great appreciation!

    George Christophe

  26. Nels Bergstrom says:

    no comment

  27. Nels Bergstrom says:

    Good service

  28. James Merrick says:

    Thomas Surrarrer of Office Max at Crocker Park helped me a lot. Excellent service!

    Jim Merrick

  29. Warren Johnson says:

    It is not really clear how to access this survey. I pressed on an arrow button and it took me to another site where I had to provide my personal contact information and was told about all the coupons and offers I would receive. I don’t want to be inundated with more emails with offers I am not interested in. It also wanted the main grocery shopper to answer the survey and I am not the main grocery shopper. Nothing else on this page seemed to take me to an Officemax survey. That should be addressed. I don’t mind a survey specifically about Office Max. I like the store and the products it sells are important to me even though I am not a heavy user. If you can direct me to a site that really is for Office Max, give me a clue. This page does not have that.

  30. Job Ebenezer says:

    The staff was very helpful and answered my questions to my satisfaction.

  31. Dorothy Batie says:

    They were very friendly and helpful in Hermiston, Orer.

  32. Joan Pagano says:

    Order # 824678226-001
    I am furious !! I purchased a chair on 2/16/16. I had it delivered because I am 73 yrs old, live alone and live on the second floor, and I can’t carry it up the stairs. I was assured it would be delivered on 2/22/16. a couple of days later, I went online and could not find my order, I actually wanted to track it. So on 2/19 I called. I was told it cannot be found online till the product is actually shipped. I thought that was strange and commenented that it was already Friday and were they sure I would get the chair on MONDAY the 22nd !! She assured me it would. I cancelled 2 appointments and sat here all day !!! I finally decided to call Office Depot, and as I was looking up the number The trucking company, New Penn called. NO THEY WERE NOT DELIVERING THE CHAIR TODAY. I was told they called to make an appointment to deliver it tomorrow !! They do not deliver unless they know the person is going to be home !!! Well, for cryin out loud …I made the appt for today, why wouldn’t i be home !! On top of that, they do not allow their drivers to climb the stairs to deliver !! That was the whole purpose of the delivery !! We made an appointment for between 11 and 2 tomorrow. (I have another appt. in the morning and I couldn’t cancel that one too )
    Then I called Office Depot. Of course They wouldn’t let me talk to a manager, so I told the Rep (wish I had gotten his name) my tale of woe !! I don’t really think he understood everything I said, but in his own way, I guess he helped me the best he knew how. I did ask him to have a manager call me, but I doubt he/she will.
    I would suggest you not use New Penn for your deliveries and therefore not promise your customers a delivery date. I also told my salesperson that I was having it delivered so they could bring it upstairs. I didn’t think twice about it because UPS, FedEx and USPS all bring packages up the stairs.
    I am very disappointed in your service. I believe it is ultimately up to you to make sure a delivery is made on time.
    thank you
    Joan Pagano

  33. Frederic Heller says:

    We were in the store in Lancaster PA today and all of your employees were wonderful. They helped a lot. Especially two of them. Eric and Tina were terrific. You should be proud of your company who does t he hiring. I would absolutely recommend people to go there because of the kindness we were given in help.

    • Zdzislaw Jurek says:

      I was the Office Max today.

      I was very pleased with the service.

    • Edward Stecklair says:

      Dear Sirs, I had a computer problem (power). Visited store 6491 to find out if it was the charger (laptop).Fernando initially was helping me to test a store charger but was interrupted to help a lady at check-out.Kathleen took over and help me diagnose and solve the problem. They should be recognized for their EXCEPTIONAL customer service and attitude. They saved me money and time and i was able to purchase a new charger at the store.

  34. Heather says:


    I was on your site today and we’re very interested in pursuing an advertising partnership with you. Are you free for a phone call sometime next week?



  35. Kenneth Zick says:

    I had a great shopping trip to Office Max and the girl who helped me said she was new and was very helpful and very polite and I rate my trip at a 9 or 10. I don’t know this new girls name but my receipt says employee 745202 and I hope she stays and keeps up the good work.

  36. Luis Alberto says:

    Hola . estoy muy agradecido por el trato que me dieron las jovenes office max de plaza las america un servicio exepcional y orientacion super. esos son jovenes que necesitamos y hacen un PR mejor las Felicito/ las jovenes son: YanusKa Diaz y la otro es Diane Ojeda. gracias por ser Jovenes productivas.

  37. GIUSEPPE says:


  38. Bob Gyepes says:

    I am very pleased with the service I have been receiving in the store at Mississippi Ave and Abilene in Aurora, CO. Print manager Tom is always very helpful and the gal who helped me yesterday, Aylia was also extremely helpful. There was a discrepency in the number of pages of the print order , she and the store manager corrected it and because of th error they gave me discount. I will continue to their services.

    Thank You

  39. Lewis Nyema says:

    I strong feel that I deserve a discount on my purchase that I made on February 2 2016
    Because it was defected

  40. Allison Elder says:

    I work for the city of kissimmee, I come in to have some services done, and I prefer jennifer to help me than any other new employee. She is courteous, profesional, and knowledgeable. Customers are not always nice, and right
    all the time, but I understand that in business you have to cater to their bad behavior at times. I often hear and see people come in with bad attitudes and dispostions. The
    staff at this location is great, and professional. My preference though is jennifer in the printing section.


  41. Allison Elder says:

    Jennifer always helps me with my needs and goes beyond to help me with my printing, faxing and laminating needs. She is truly an asset to your company, her knowledge, skills, and professionalism are to be
    copied. My survey code is: 6378-01-4619-0

  42. Robert Byrd says:

    Survey code 6427 04 1341 8

  43. Charles Hardy says:

    The guy Tom helped me Alot yesterday. Really nice and cool. TIM MALONEY