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Do you like Starbucks coffee? Would you like to share your cool ideas about coffee, tea, beverage and food? Want to see what other
people’s idea and join the discussion and even vote whether do you like it? My Starbucks Idea is the place for Starbucks customers to share, vote, discuss and see great ideas community.

Starbucks also listed those great ideas in action and categorized them into “under review”, “reviewed”, “in the works” and “launched”. Starbucks card is a great way to help you enjoy Starbucks coffer with rewards and online account management.

Not only you can share with Starbucks about your cool ideas, there are also some Starbucks online surveys where you can share your recent visit experience.

It is a great way for consumer product and service company to set up such kind of campaign to listen to clients and encourage them to raise their ideas and suggestions to make the business even more successful. It need certain amount of people resource and customer relationship management and also cooperation with marketing and production team. Leave your message about how do you think about and whether did you share your voice and idea about Starbucks.

Starbucks sources the finest coffee beans, roasts them with great care, and improves the lives of people who grow them. Starbucks is an ideal place where you can meet with friends and business partners. Starbucks offers so many cards, such as Thank You, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, and more.

You can sign up to be a registered member of the site. Then you can submit your own ideas, vote and comment on ideas submitted by other people. If you’re a registered member, you can vote on each idea one time by simply clicking on the vote icon to the left of the idea (only one vote per idea). Each vote is worth 10 points and you can see an idea’s score (number of points) beneath the vote icon. If Starbucks implements your idea, they may give you credit on the site, but they won’t be compensating customers if their ideas are chosen.

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