Womens Bodies Are Never Perfect

I made a conscious decision to visit more black blogs. On my first and last trip to Crunk&Disorderly I was greeted with yet another attempt to discipline the bodies of women.


The Photo is labelled, “Why Are You Exposing The Problem Area” Beneath is is the following commentary.


I had to pass this along (please dont ask why I was on Fabo’s myspace page . . . it gets pretty boring in the office).

There are definitely three (count ‘em three) side eyes going on in this pic. I’m going to leave the captions to you but its obvious shorty in the front and the sista to the right is not feeling homegirl’s stretched out stomach.

– – Bree

Get even more side-eye candy at Side-Eye Fever!

I am getting tired of calling this shit out.  Why is it necessary to divide womens bodies into parts that are pleasing, or displeasing to the eye? Why must we cover our bodies because “real bodies” cannot compete with the digitally altered pictures of women that appear in magazines? Finally why should a stomach that once carried a child be deemed repellent because it bares evidence of the miracle that occurred? That should have been enough for me …why, oh why, did I think that this blog could be redeemed in the comment section?

How does, How can, How can you be skinny and have belly wrinkles like that!

I mean, I have a belly and I sucked it in and it doesn’t even do that!

She probably tells people that’s from when she had kids. Thing is, those kids look like they’re at least 11.

I just picture this boy hollering “No Mama, I don’t want to stand their! You’re stomach looks like brains!!

even the lil boy is screamin. why my mama gotta shame me like this?

When I checked the blog there were 139 comments of the same vein.  They remind of a school of piranha, viscously feeding off the flesh of this woman; tearing a bit of her dignity away with each comment.  The sad part about this is that it is common behaviour in locker rooms, or in quiet whispers exchanged between friends as a less than “perfect woman” walks by.

From the moment a baby girl is born we use adjectives that refer to beauty to describe her, and judge her value.  It is a burden that the female carries from her first breathe to her last. It is part of our social discourse that has become so normalized that to speak out against it is to be called angry, or overly sensitive.  A good girl excepts the fact that her body is flawed  and engages on a program of self improvement that enriches the diet, exercise, and beauty industry.  Our bodies are devalued because it adds profit to the capitalist system and helps to maintain the patriarchal grip on the world.

We are sold the lie that this all just a part of the natural selection process.  Yes we engage in this cruel dissection of form in an effort to ensure male attention. Well I call bullshit! There are too many institutions that benefit from this cruel practice to claim that it is anything other than social discipline. I am sure when crunk & disorderly placed this photo on his/her blog they thought it was just mindless fun, however fun at the expense of the dignity of another is hardly progressive or validating of human worth.  The aforementioned should not even be necessary to say.  Well Crunk & Disorderly thanks but no thanks….I think I will stick with a blog that does not gain traffic or amusement from devaluing women based solely on appearance.

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