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After spending sometime on the blogsphere it has become clear that the issues of WOC are either marginalized, or silenced.  I think that a change needs to happen.  We have something to say and deserve to be heard.  To that end I am starting a carnival…its called Tell It, WOC speak.  Please submit your articles here.  They can be about anything that you deem important, race gender, family, personal stories etc..you decide.  What is important is that we send our collective voices out there and demand that we be heard! The submission date is June 25, and I will post the carnival here at womanist musings on July 1. The homepage for the carnival can be found here.  Articles submitted by allies will also be accepted.

I am hoping to run this as a monthly carnival so if you are interested in hosting a carnival please feel free send me an e-mail at [email protected] . I am really looking forward to reading all of your entries.

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