Wine, Dine 69 Me

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton gave an excellent speech last night. Every single point that she was asked to make she did.  Hillary unreservedly endorsed Barack in a way that was not only inspiring but designed to bring unity to the party.  It was the speech of a lifetime. 

Unfortunately her supporters are refusing to hear her message and support Obama.  Not only am I saddened by this,  I find myself experiencing rage.  When they are not busy spreading obvious lies about his background, they are complaining about his lack of experience.  Barack it seems has to earn their votes; or wine dine 69 me as I like to put it.

Would you hire a CEO without experience?  Is anyone even aware of how big business works.  No person no matter how knowledgeable is an expert on everything, this is why they have a staff.  Barack will surround himself with knowledgeable people and make the decisions that need to be made.  He may not have the political experience of Bush or McCain, but he is much better educated.  Education counts for something, and only in a society that is intent on anti-intellectualism could this important factor be over looked.  The man was the first black president of the Harvard Law review for crying out loud.  Did he get that by being dense?

I believe these women are being purposefully obtuse.  Would Hillary have made a great candidate? Absolutely. The primaries are over and she was not chosen.  It is time to move on and think about the future.  To decide that you may not vote is an affront to every single person that was beaten and denied the right to vote.  This is especially disgusting coming from an African American woman. Even considering voting for McCain is to spit on the grave of every woman that died having a back alley abortion. 

Finally choosing McKinney as your fall back choice is disgusting.  While she may have an excellent platform the hypocrisy of this choice bridles my sensibilities.  Until your golden girl was out the running few even thought to validate that there were two women running.  Until recently few have even commented on the historic nature of her campaign…that’s right, a little thing like an African American female candidate and VP choice. But hey she is woman enough now isn’t she?

Barack isn’t going to bend over backward to kiss your collective asses.  He realizes that this is a no win  situation for him and therefore he is going to attempt to win the votes that are truly up for grabs.  Sitting there, posturing and preening about how he has to work for your vote is ridiculous and if you gave it a moments pause you might realize that.  Hold on to your anger and resentment that Hillary was not chosen and in the process say good bye to health care, environmental protections, ending the war in Iraq, and most importantly Roe V Wade. Obama may be a centrist without the ability to make real and lasting change but when you consider the alternative is the lesser of evils really that bad?

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