Why Robert Pattinson From Twilight Does Not Have A Gratuitous Ass Shot


Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the above image is Robert Pattinson from Twillight.  Every where I turn since the build up to New Moon,  I’ve seen images of him.   He is always referred to as a hottie or a hunk.  Normally, when men are given this label it usually comes along with a gratuitous ass shot.   North Americans censors shy away from male frontal nudity and so we never really get to see the goodies.  At any rate, I was starting to wonder why Pattinson did not have a gratuitous ass shot that goes along with his teenage fandom.

imageThen I saw this picture and now I understand why.  The great teen heart throb is ass challenged.  Now, you can roll your eyes and tell me I’m wrong for pointing it out but I must admit it made me laugh like a school girl.  Even if I could get past the larger than life hair (ya know Don King is jealous), I would still need a little booty.  

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