Why Pay Child Support When You Can Beat The Mother Of Your Child?

Trigger Warning

This video clearly speaks for itself.  Violence in the black community is an issue that needs to be dealt with.  We have a tendency to attack the victim sure in the knowledge that somehow she provoked the attack but regardless of her actions, no man has the right to lay a hand on a woman. 

I present this video because I have continually seen the incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown framed as a private matter between two dissenting people.  Respect their privacy the violence apologists say.  Calling for privacy is only another attempt to hide the fact that these incidents occur with frightening regularity. We all suffer when such violence is allowed to happen unchallenged.

Domestic violence happens across race, creed, religion, and class.  It is a a poison that results in the death and injury of countless women yearly.  Daily make up is applied to bruised bodies, broken limbs are blamed on clumsy accidents and children cower in the corner in fear that they will be the next victim and yet we are still determined to deny the violence.

Domestic Violence continues on because of the shame and the silence that surrounds it.  Victims are repeatedly told by their abusers that they deserve this treatment and our refusal to engage on their behalf, and set up adequate relief means that the claims of the abusers are even easier to believe.  Violence is just one of the ways in which patriarchy asserts its dominance. 

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