Whoopi and Joy Behar walk off stage while interviewing Bill O’Reilly

It either takes an irrational dolt or someone who has the patience of Job to share the same set with Bill O’Reilly.  Recently, the Fox anchorman paid a little visit to The View, where his rhetoric so enraged Joy and Whoopi, that they walked off stage leaving Barbara, Elizabeth and Sherri to deal with him.  Hate rhetoric is to be expected when O’Reilly is given a platform, judging from the lies he tells on his television show.  He is nothing but a right wing shock jock, who nightly plays on whatever isms that he can find to incite hatred against marginalized people.

Not only are his opinions offensive, he takes great pleasure in demeaning anyone who disagrees with him.  At one point in the discussion, he interrupted Joy and said, “listen to me, because you’ll learn.”  This is an interesting point by O’Reilly, because in one sentence he reified the idea that only White men of class privilege are knowledgeable to speak on an issue.  It is further complicated when we consider that due to patriarchy, women are often interrupted by men when they speak, because our voices are considered without value.  Patriarchy empowered Bill to believe that he had the right to appear on a show hosted by women and treat them as second class citizens, when he isn’t even fit to make Barbara Walters a coffee. When patronizing does not effectively silence someone, O’Reilly then actively shouts down dissent.  There is no such thing as free speech in O’Reilly’s world, unless you are parroting his ideas with a red face and passion ignited with undeserved privilege.


Bill: Macroeconomics are not my deal, I’m just explaining why his numbers are down.  So the people  see a trillion dollars of their tax money and nothing to show for it yet.  But they also see a widening golf between the president and them personally.  And that’s what I write about in Pinhead and Patriots.
Walters: I know
Bill:  Alright let me give you an example.  The mosque, the mosque down here on 911.  That’s inappropriate.  Sure they have a right to do it and the constitution, but it’s inappropriate because a lot of the 9/11 families, who I know say, “look we don’t want that.” 
Walters: But that doesn’t effect…
Bill:  There’s the president going will they have every right to do it.
Behar:  This is America. This is America
Bill: Hold it, hold it, listen to me because you’ll learn
Behar: Pinhead, pinhead
Bill: So he says to the press, yeah they have a right to do this and that’s true.  But then the question is, what about the wisdom of it Mr. President?  And he goes, I’m not gonna comment whereupon everybody in the country goes what.
Whoppi:  Now wait a minute let me ask you this.  So you’re saying that Americans are not smart enough to recognize that while it is part of our constitution to say freedom of religion and freedom worship and there were 70 families, who are Muslim who also died in that building.  So you’re saying that his saying that they have the right to do it and not saying anymore than that is why his approval rating has gone down.
Bill: I’m saying that there was a gulf between – Americans wanted to know what his opinion was on the issue.
Behar: We’re Americans first, we agree with him.
Bill: You agree with him most Americans
Behar: No, I’m an American, we’re
Bill: Let me break this to you. 70% of Americans don’t want that mosque down there. So don’t give me the we business.
Behar: Where’s that from?  I wanna see that poll.
Bill:  You wanna bet on that?  I’ll show you that poll in a minute.
Behar: All I’m saying is I’m American too.
Bill: 70%
Whoopi: But why are they saying that?
Bill: Because it’s inappropriate. 
cross talk
Bill: Muslims killed us on 9/11
Whoopi: No, oh my God.
Bill: Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11, is that what you’re saying?
Whoopi: Excuse me extremists did that.
Bill: What religion where they they?
Whoopi: What religion was Timothy McVeigh?  Mr McVeigh was an extremist as well and he killed
Bill: 70% of the country
Behar: You know what, I don’t want to sit here now. No I don’t
cross talk
Bill: You’re outraged about Muslims killing us on 9/11

Even 2 minutes of Bill is more than I can take on a good day.  This is not the kind of man you debate, because it only adds validity to his bullshit.  Personally, I think that he should be trapped on his shitty little network and shunned by all other progressive media outlets.  Bill gives meaning to the phrase yellow journalism and by giving him even the smallest platform in other places, it gives his ideas exposure. It is like exposing a fire to pure oxygen.

I have not been very happy with Whoopi since her “rape rape” comment and her defense of Mel Gibson, but walking off the stage with Behar was probably the best thing that she has done in a long time.  Hopefully, others will get the drift and simply ignore him.  Of course he will cry censorship, but when we consider the harm that the man is capable of, in my mind the greater good means cordoning him off at Faux News with the rest of the lying fascist compatriots.

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