Who Will Feed The Starving Black Babies

I am often asked why I have so much animosity towards vegan activism, even though there is post after post about the isms some of these groups have engaged in on the blog.  I quite often offered some nonsense about the greater good and to that I say fuck off.  The only reason that one can claim the greater good when marginalized people are being attacked, is because they have unacknowledged privilege.  Tell me what greater good does this serve?

 or this?

Those images were posted on a livejournal as a supposed vegan advocacy tool.   First let me start of by saying that Black children are not some tool that you can pull out of your pocket to serve a political agenda. It’s not just racist, it’s fucking racist okay.  I am also sick and tired of the brown babies are starving routine.  These people only care about Black kids when they can be used as a device, furthermore; the continual failure to acknowledge that representing Africa as continent of starving babies is racist. I wonder if these people are even aware that child poverty exists in the west and that there are children that are homeless?

So, if I stop eating steak tomorrow, then these kids would suddenly have clean drinking water and good food right.  I suppose things like neo-colonialism, spurious debts, and unfair trading practices have nothing to do with world poverty right?  I also suppose a little thing like capitalism has nothing to do with it either?  
Then of course there is race.  Yes, race.  I don’t suppose a large part of the reason some of these children are starving has anything to do with the fact that Whiteness views them as unimportant disposable bodies.  Oh hell no, it’s about the T-bone I ate last night.  I know that Black vegans and vegetarians exist, but the images that I continue to see manifested in the popular discourse overwhelmingly involves the ‘othering’ of bodies of colour. When we are not being used as a political tools, we are shamed for refusing to accept our status as animals.  The history of how animals were literally used against us as a weapon is forgotten. The fact that we have continually been compared to animals to other us, and justify White hegemony is completely ignored.  The usual outrage will occur when these photos are published but the same racist actions will happen again — so I am going to eat my fucking hamburger and enjoy it.    
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