White Pride And Motherhood

A Winnipeg mother had her two daughters removed from her custody after she drew a swastika on the arm of her child, and sent her to school. The children have been placed with relatives and she has two hours a week supervised visitation.  According to CBC she wears a necklace with a swastika and has “white pride” flags in her home, yet she expects us to believe that she is not a neo-Nazi or a white supremacist.

That’s right don’t believe your eyes. When people place signs on their front lawn that advertise for the liberal, PC or NDP they really aren’t pushing a political position…no it’s decorative.  When you wear the swastika you are trying to assert its original meaning and any connection with Hitler or the Nazi party should be overlooked right?  This despite the fact that according to the CBC you are quoted as saying, “A black person has a right to say black power or black pride and yet they’re turning around on us and saying we’re racists and bigots and neo-Nazis because we say white pride. It’s hypocrisy at its finest.” There isn’t enough quality pot in the entire province of British Columbia to make that statement believable.

I think that this woman believes that we are a society of kool aid sippers. Look lady, when you say things like white pride and white power it is no leap to assume that you are a raving racist pig.  I understand that you want your genetically white children back so that you can pass on the hatred and ignorance to another generation but teaching children to hate is child abuse.  Children come into this world a completely blank slate, and it is adults who teach them about difference and value. A child has no natural inclination to preference one race over another, they simply want to be fed and loved.  We are an inter-racial family and when our children look at us they see mommy and daddy. 

I personally am amused that she can blame blacks for her racism.  Of course it is all our fault that we are marginalized and exploited.  If blacks didn’t love being on the bottom of the social hierarchy so much and actually tried harder, ya know things might different. You poor disenfranchised white woman with no social privileges whatsoever, however do you survive? The suffering you must go through, trying to protect yourself, and your children from the savage black hordes. The only reason the assertion of black power or black pride exists is to mediate the damage done by white racism. I am even surprised she didn’t throw in the usual, blacks have BET can you imagine what would happen if whites had a white entertainment network?  Yeah, imagine such a world where every where you look white was present as good, rationale and pure.  Imagine a world where all races were equal.

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