White People Behaving Badly

Hello post racial world.  Isn’t it nice to live in a society where all people are fundamentally equal? Yes, the imagination is a powerful tool.  Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid are both students at University of Minnesota Duluth.  They decided to go and get facials and since the product used was brown, they decided that this made them Black.  With twelve minutes to wait until they could remove the product, they had to amuse themselves somehow.

the following are some highlights.

“Yo, what up homie!” one of the girls say. “I’m from the 421!” Not to
be outdone, her friend quickly adds, “I’m from the 612, b*tch. N*gga, I
beez [sic] from Brooklyn, New York!”

Other golden nuggets of true, authentic Blackness include: 1. “We need some “f*ckin fried chicken. I need some fried f*ckin chicken.”  2. “Girl, you know mama’s makin’ some fried chicken tonight!” and 3.”We got some f*ckin backup n*ggas for us, you n*ggas!” 4. “Rosa Parks is our bitch, she’s our homegirl.”

Apparently both young women have apologised and the university has condemned the video. To think, the GOP has been worried that universities are training young minds to be too liberal. Of course this was all meant to be fun.  The young women were after all bored.

But yeah, we are all post racial now and everyone abhors racism. The
United States has elected Barack Obama twice and so this should stand as
a sign of evolution and not the everyday racist acts perpetuate by
Whiteness everyday. Black people just need to lighten up and laugh at
ourselves. Racism largely ironic now and when it does occur, of course
it’s an isolated incident with no baring on White supremacy whatsoever. 
In fact, maybe if just stopped talking about race altogether, things
would be better and it would certainly make White people more

They had to know that even as they were making this video that they were being offensive because they continually used racial slurs, as well as employed some of the worst stereotypes used to attack Black people. You don’t make something like this video and then apologise because the video and the comments in it stand for itself.  These women are racists and no apology would make me change my opinion.  I don’t condone the threats of violence that these women have been subjected to, but I sure as hell understand the anger.

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