White People Are Uniquely Homophobic

After same sex marriage got voted down in Maine, I expressed my sympathies and waited to see what the fall out would be.  It seems that for many, the consensus is that the Catholic Church is to blame for the terrible outcome.  You see, unlike California, Blacks comprise less than 1% of the population, so we could not be blamed on mass, though the community did manage to find one African American to blame.

imageI do realize that Obama has come down in favour of civil unions and not marriage but he did not cause the vote to restrict the rights of Gays and Lesbians.  He is not God, he does not walk on water, nor can he control the minds of  U.S. citizens enough to force them to vote in a specific direction on any issue.  Keep blaming him though, if it makes you feel better.

What I would really like to know, is that since Maine is mostly a White state, where was the claim that White people are uniquely homophobic?  When California revoked gay marriage, all you could hear for weeks is that it was the fault of ignorant homophobic Black people.   How could we not recognize oppression, when we had suffered so much as a race?  White GLBT members shook their heads at us and heaped scorn upon us as though we were responsible for them losing the ability to marry and in the process they erased same gender loving couples of color within their ranks.  When Blacks tried to protest either in solidarity or because they were directly affected, racist vitriol was thrown at them.  Well, we had nothing to do with this one.  It was all White people and suddenly race is no longer an issue. 

OOOh but there is no racism in the GLBT community.  This is all about fighting oppression, so certainly their members must recognize racism when they see it right?  Where was Dan Savage with a rant about how homophobic White people image are?  Where was his statement claiming that he was done pretending that the homophobia of White people didn’t effect him personally in order to be politically correct?  Did I miss him on CNN? Please explain to me why White people are not considered uniquely homophobic, when they vote repeatedly en masse against gay marriage?  They not only vote against it, they actively organize and fundraise to ensure that a GLBT identity remains highly stigmatized.  I guess racial membership has its privileges huh?

I expect to catch shit for this post because the one thing I have learned is that you can speak out in favour of gay marriage, talk about how damaging homophobia is and even encourage people to think about the heterosexist messages they are teaching their children, but if you are critical about a single thing, you are a homophobe.  There is always some reason why you cannot ever question the motives, leaders or actions of the White LGBT community.  If they did something wrong, it’s always straight people either did it first or straight people do it too.

I don’t think, nor will I ever believe that homophobia is correct but I am not about to support something that is harmful or demeans me as a person so that someone can feel equal.  I know what the “just like you” meme means.  The failure to discuss race when it is largely White people speaks volumes. 

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