White Guys Who Miss It (The Point)

Dan Waters is a snarky 22 year old queer biracial wonderment who is part White, Portuguese, and Native American (Wampanoag-Kiowa). He currently lives in Massachusetts, and plans to become a Lawyer. That is, if he can survive Algonquin language classes and polyamorous dating right now! He also identifies as Two Spirit, and prefers male pronouns, but cherishes his female body that he was given graciously by the Creator. He blogs at Identity Exposure.
You know, dear readers, that I can’t stand it when this happens: I am moderating, and a commenter posts “Oh here’s my response!” and me, ever naïve, go and click the link to see what was written. So as soon as I start thinking, “Okay, maybe I should give white guys the benefit of the doubt…” THIS COMES IN.
This guy, who I’ll call Trumpbag (pro-tip: New fad, swears and putdowns will henceforth be replaced with Trump because of Donald Trump’s trumpbaggery) took a list that we made a while back where Renee, myself, and Monica ala TransGriot and Sparky made with initial 40 things that white privileged folks should stop saying/doing/etc.
This list was sort of a venting process, and discussed a variety of things from racism, ethnocentrism, to religious phobias, to stereotypes, to sexuality and sexual orientation, cissexism, and other issues. We invited our lovely readers to share their own pieces, and MANY of you responded and provided some awesome ones too.
However, apparently it was not enough for Trumpbag. No. He had to instead, tell US we are doing it wrong (my face when). US the creators of the list, and YOU the folks contributing. His view of wrong? We didn’t explain in nice (cough, see introductionary 101 terminology, cough) detailed reasons why these things were problematic. We didn’t put it into a nice neat package for white people to sample and learn to get some edujoomicashuns (because that’s our job as marginalized folks, 24/7, amirite?).
I point out a mistake (transgendered; again? Really?) and he polices me on some (admittedly stereotypical east coast/MA) language. We engage in some comment banter. But as I read more and more of his tirade, the amount of fails IS STAGGERING that I can’t help but go NO! Not only do majority of his points MISS OBVIOUS THINGS and his witty side banter that basically dismisses these questions (see his responses for numbers 4, 7 [specifically: forgetting trans people], 9, 17, 21 [studies = totes possible truths], 23, 26, 32, 33). Does this guy also fuck a thesaurus, too?

No. We did WRONG. So he, the great Trumbag, decided to do some White Man-Splainin’! He missed SEVERAL points in many of the questions he says he’s responding to. Responding to? Wait, you get asked these things, Mr. Cis, White, Able-Bodied, Middle Class man? REALLY?
Wait, he doesn’t get asked these things…So why the fuck is he answering these questions?
Just because he’s these things,doesn’t mean his commentary isn’t illegitimate! No! The LARGER CONTEXT (see: other white people who pat themselves on the back for pointing out inane shit) would value his opinion! It IS his blog after all! He has THE RIGHT to comment on things like “Muslims mistreat women”. He can talk about and disagree and DISMISS the idea that these questions would be asked in the first, and say that I shouldn’t police on self-identified straight women for co-opting gayness! He also admits HE IS NOT PART OF THIS COMMUNITY and his commentary may not be appreciated (I wonder why?), but he is spreading his HOLY GOSPEL just for the rest of the world.
So here’s what I will offer, straight white cis men who are able bodied and can afford things. I offer you this much space |     | <– right there, on this page. Duke it out amongst yourselves for the space, if you wish. Just know that I’ll be lulzing it up at how much YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT.
And because I can’t resist it, I’ll be doing some Hammer Time while the bloodbath begins.
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