When You’re A White Straight Comic, Bigotry’s All About the Joke

I have a new piece up at Clutch Magazine

You may remember Colin Quinn from his stint on Saturday Night Live, where he became a regular with such character as “Lenny the Lion” and “Joe Blow.”  He even took over “The Weekend Update” for a time. After leaving SNL, Quinn became the host of the short-lived Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Today, he spends a lot of time on the road performing stand-up comedy.  Quinn recently joined the ranks of celebrities who really need to learn that Twitter is not the forum for them to express their bigoted pointed of view.

With this kind of logic, Jim Crow would still be the law of the land, and women would not be allowed to vote. The fact of the matter is that the law often runs behind the social push for change.  More importantly, societies that don’t progress and change become stagnant and die. Two sets of laws for citizens is not now, or ever will be equality.  As it is, the U.S. is already behind because Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden all allow same sex marriage.  The United Kingdom, Brazil, New Zealand, Uruguay, and France all allow civil unions between same sex couples.  It’s nice to know that Quinn is against the closet, but his position is hardly unbiased.

Saying I don’t believe in forcing people to hide and then finishing by advocating inequality in the law is homophobic. What Quinn does not realize is that one need not be spewing homophobic slurs, or participating in a gay bashing to be a homophobe.  All one need do is suggest that there are limits to equality to be understood as a homophobe.

One would think that after showing his inner bigot to the world that Quinn would step back from Twitter for awhile, but apparently, Quinn was only sorry that he didn’t take the time to put people of colour in their place.

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