When You Force Oral Sex You Might Get Bitten

image Charris Bowers did what anyone would do if a penis was forced into their mouth, she fought back.  Instead of being protected by the criminal justice system once again the victim is being made to pay.

According to the news-journalonline.com Ms. Bowers returned home for the evening with her husband.  During the act of fellatio she began to bite down causing him to punch her repeatedly in the face.  When questioned by the police as to why she chose to bite her husband, her response was that she did not want to have sex.  After examining the alleged damage to the penis the Deputy decided to charge her with battery.

Even though Charris and Delou Bowers are married he has no right to expect sex on demand.  I suspect that this story has been carefully worded to force us to focus on the penis.  Living in a  society that has elevated the phallus to a deity, an event where one is damaged by a woman amounts to a female mutiny.  We are all supposed to desire a penis in every orifice that we possess, after all isn’t that why God/Goddess gave women that many holes to begin with? 

Let’ just think about this logically; what is the likelihood that someone who is consensually performing fellatio deciding in the middle of the act to bite down because they didn’t want to have sex in the first place.  This entire situation smacks of someone being forced to perform a sexual act, responding in self defence.  Charris was punched in the face several times and she continued to bite down.  This is clearly the act of a woman acting in self defence.

In recent years we have seen everything from women cutting their husbands penises off to this biting incident.  These actions of course inspire great fear in men.  What these incidents have in common is that are a response to male aggression in the first place.  Loranna didn’t cut off her husbands penis because she got bored one day, she did it in response to the abusive relationship that she was involved in.  How desperate must Charris have felt if she decided that the only way to avoid engaging in a sexual activity that she did not want to was to bite her husbands penis as hard as she could?

Yes I understand a man was injured and I am no way suggesting that women should run around chopping off or biting penises, but I do feel the reasons behind the actions should be thoroughly investigated.  Her statement was that she did not want to have sex.  How is it that his supposed actions of defence where not deemed criminal and hers were.  Oh yeah I remember his were in defence of a dick and everyone  knows how valuable they are. 

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