When “Good Girls” Engage In Oral Sex

It seems we need to hit  panic mode because “the prettiest girls from the best families are at risk.”  When “good girls from affluent families” decide to engage in sexual activity, we risk the end of civilization as we know it.  Sharlene Azam makes it a point to let us know that she is not focusing on marginalized young women; it seems that they are expected to be raving whores.  Why else do WOC exist but to be the cum receptacles for horny young males in their sexual right of passage?

The lurid behaviour of these young girls threatens to destabilize the pedestal that white womanhood has been placed upon and therefore it must be brought to an end forthwith.  How dare these young girls actually believe that their bodies belong to them to do with as they please.   What if they engage in sex and decide that they like it? Oh dear we cannot possibly have that because everyone knows that sex is something that men enjoy and women reluctantly submit to. 

One girl states:

We’re not looking for um this is my future husband, At our age, especially I think all of us both sexes we have a lot of urges I guess that need to be taken care of.  So if we need to resort to a casual thing, no strings attached it’s perfectly fine.

gasp… young girls have sexual urges…vaginas not made of stone, wow who would have thought.   You will note that Azam did not find it necessary to comment about the boys that are having sex with these young girls because apparently such behaviour does not harm them.  No where does she consider that they may be participating in this activity because they to feel social pressure to be sexually active.  We’ll just go right on ahead and essentialize sexual activity by gender because that is what everyone is comfortable with right?

If we are going to be concerned about the behaviour of our teens it should not  be about whether or not they are engaging in sex, but whether or not the sex was consensual and safe.   As much as we love our children we do not own them, nor can we make decisions about what they do with their bodies.  The moral panic that is created by this video is sexist because it asserts that unless sex occurs under certain conditions that it is unacceptable.    We may not always like the decisions that young women make but if we truly believe in the autonomy of women we have to respect their right to be sexual beings and act on their urges.


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