When the Fauxgressive is on Your Side

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I am black and I am a woman; this means that I face two areas of stigmatization. My body is controversial because for some it exists solely as a thing that can be exploited for personal gain. Whatever feelings I may have in regard to the exploitation are irrelevant in a society that daily reinforces a hierarchy of beings. I am complicated because I refuse to submit to those that believe that my life should be spent increasing their creature comforts.

When you have more than one area of stigmatization, it is easy to become an invisible other. To speak out, one risks being cruelly disciplined in some way. So dearly do we hold the right to oppress that for those us that are marginalized, we risk death simply by daring to breathe the same air on a planet we all share. It’s ironic isn’t it, that intangibles like diamonds, and gold, are understood as valuable but yet another human being can be deemed disposable amongst a species that is clearly interdependent.

Meanwhile, today it is the cool or the “in thing” to be progressive. All you need to do is slap the appropriate coloured bracelet on your wrist, learn some quotes that you don’t understand, and look appropriately pissed off at the correct times. If you want extra brownie points, you wrap up your message in esoteric language while declaring that it was not your intent to obfuscate. The elitist with a thesaurus is pompous, bumptious, and just generally annoying.

It would be a much more pleasing world if we could all afford to ignore such obnoxious behaviour. Every time I see a fauxgressive moaning about the unbearable lightness of being, while inside secretly saying gee I’m glad I’m me, wearing their best American Apparel, I just want to hit the mute button and bang my head against the nearest desk over and over again.

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