What's Race Got To Do With It?: An Explosion in Dating Advice Failure

I Got The Fever: Love What’s Race Got To Do With It? is a supposed guide on interracial dating by J.C. Davies, a former Wall St analyst.

I must admit upfront that I have not read this book, but I have really good reasons as to why.  Let’s start with the fact that the cover is one big explosion of fetishism.  Do really need another image of men of colour fawning all over a White woman?  The fact that this once again uplifts White women to representative of womanhood is not lost on me.   If I was somehow able to look past all of that, the following chapters in the book would be a deal breaker:
  • jungle fever
  • yellow fever
  • salsa fever

 Really?  This is supposed to provide help for Whites dating people of colour?  As a Black woman, it is enough to have me running the other direction.  If you are not yet convinced, have a look at this.

“Her book claims that Latino men are macho and possessive, Asians are rubbish between the sheets and black men don’t like talking about Al Sharpton”. Is there a racial stereotype that the woman is not willing to exploit to sell her book?  If this book becomes a hit, it will not be because it gives good advice, but because it furthers the White supremacist project by othering people of colour.

For Davies, it was important to discover the following:

  • Do Asian men like women submissive?
  • Are all Indian men well versed in the Karma Sutra?
  • Do Latin lovers live up to their reputation?
  • Are black men well endowed?
  • Are Jewish men really cheap?

Wow, such an original lines of interrogation, how did she ever decide to ponder such probing questions? (yep that would be sarcasm)

This book allows you to pick and choose whoever you like.’

Ms Davies began writing the book after she was laid off by Goldman Sachs last October and faced losing her apartment.

She told how a friend first suggested a career change, and write about dating black guys. She deemed the idea ‘done to death’, but the idea blossomed into one she felt was original – if controversial.

But she admitted that the response had been mixed, and she had even been branded a racist – though she is anything but.

Of those that criticise her for grouping her subjects in terms of race and culture, she said: ‘I think that is so wrong – what we’ve done in the U.S. in particular.

‘Anything that comes up about race, we can’t talk about.

‘I don’t think multiculturalism has failed, but we are so PC in the media that if someone of another culture does something, then you feel bad saying anything about it.

‘Outside the U.S. people are more curious and less judgemental. (source)

Well, I am outside of the U.S. and I can already tell that this is horseshit. Why is no one thinking of the trees that died so that this racist interracial dating tome could be created?  Honestly, where is our concern for the environment?  No living thing should have to die so that some White woman can have a racist extravaganza.  Being PC is about owning one’s privilege and obviously and respecting others but obviously that this is not something Davies believes in.  She even goes as far as to see that her current boyfriend, an Iranian man, makes a terrorist face in bed.  Why oh why, are these men fucking and dating her? What Davies did by writing this book is prove that race does indeed matter in relationships. 

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