What Would You Do When a Trans Woman is Insulted

I must admit that I love watching What Would You Do.  In this case they used an actual trans woman, which I must be hones shocked me because far too often cis women are employed in the media to play trans.  In this scenario, a customer who has been absent for awhile walks into discover that a server which he knew decided to transition.  As his comments become more and more abrasive, people actually call him out.  I was impressed to see this but at the same time, I am far to well aware that violence against trans women suggests that this is not the norm. Watching this, I couldn’t help but wonder if their reactions would have been as protective had she been a woman of colour considering the high rates of violence trans women of colour are subjected to? 

I think that What Would Do, sets up interesting scenarios.  It’s really easy to say that you believe something, but another thing entirely to stand up when it counts and prove you believe it. For many even when they know something is wrong, be silent just seems easier. No one wants to get into a confrontation with a stranger, let alone a co worker, friend or family member but it’s in these moments that we are put to the test. I think it comes down to a simple fact- you either have the courage of your convictions or you don’t.

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