What Kind of Magazine Are You

It’s hump day and for Americans, it’s the day before you watch football and consume vast amounts of turkey.  I am sure at this point a little light hearted fare is right up your ally and so I thought we could have some fun with a quiz that I came across.  Answer the questions to determine what kind of magazine you are. At the end of my poll, I was told:

You Are a News Magazine

You are well informed and bright. You feel like you have to know what’s going on in the world.

You are savvy and serious. You don’t like a lot of fluff or filler in your life.

You are truly curious about people, ideas, and politics. You are very cosmopolitan.
You can usually explain the news to your friends and family members. You have a broad understanding of what’s happening.

In comparison to the other polls that I have placed on the blog this is one of the few results that I am happy with.  So share in comments what the poll revealed and why it is or is not an accurate representation of you.

H/T Daisy for the poll

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