What Does It Mean When a Gay Couple Embraces?

People can look at the same image and see very things.  Last night, Sparky and I had an interesting conversation about the following image.

I believe when he looked at it, he thought about how gay men interact, as well as some of the preconceived ideas that come with gay couplings.  When I looked at the image, I thought about inter racial relationships and the way they are portrayed in the media.  As a person in an inter racial coupling, I know that race is under constant negotiation, and so who is pictured embracing who, makes a big difference.  What are your thoughts when you look at this image?

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One comment on “What Does It Mean When a Gay Couple Embraces?
  1. Booi Khabo says:

    they actually mean having good time together as a couple. they seam to be having fan.