What Do You Enjoy

Everyday I write about isms and though it is important work there are days that I just don’t want to think, see, or hear about another negative.  Instead of doing my usual three pm post, I thought we could talk about things that makes us smile.

I love to hear Destruction sing, his voice is so beautiful and pure.
I love hearing the baby have a big ole belly laugh.
I love the way the fall smells and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.
I love getting tanked and watching my favorite Christmas movies while I wrap presents. 
I love looking in the mirror and realizing I look damn good.
I love to cook meals for my family.
I love kissing my unhusband and seeing him smile.
I love curling on my couch and reading a good book and doubly so if it involves vampires or urban fantasy.
I love watching silly shows like Brothers and Sisters and in fact I am watching it as I type.
I love a good story or a good joke
I love crocs and ugly animal slippers
I love chatting on the phone with my friends
I love chocolate it soothes my savage sweet tooth
And Finally,
I love green tea

Share what makes you happy.  Sometimes it just feels good to focus on the positive.

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