What Do The Homeless Deserve?


I am sure that the person who came up with this little campaign probably thought that it was a great idea.  Just look at the bonuses, you are not wasting food and a homeless person will not have to dig through the garbage to find food that you carelessly threw away because of your economic/class privilege.

On the face of this so many would think that this is wonderful.  What this is, is class condescension. Sure, just leave your left overs on top of foul smelling garbage for the homeless to eat.  They should be grateful right?  Look at the wealth you are leaving behind.

If you want to help the homeless, and the hungry, take home your damn left overs and eat them yourself.  Just because someone is poor does not mean that leaving your cast offs like this is an act of generosity.

If you really want to help, you’ll give them change instead of walking by them like you don’t see them.  You will donate to food banks, and I am not talking about the dusty cans at the back of your cupboard, or the weeble filled pasta and rice that you never got around to eating.  How about donating a couple of hours a week at a local food bank, or soup kitchen?

No…just leave them your garbage because they are cast off human beings who should be grateful to eat your leftovers. 

There is this idea that somehow if you live on the streets that you are less than or that food is your main concern, never do we stop and think about the human dignity that we deny them.  Never do we stop and think about the medical treatment that they are not receiving.

A large percentage of homeless are living on the street because they have a mental disability.  We hospitalize, treat and release only to repeat this cycle over and over again.  Hospitals are worried about their bottom line and cannot afford to house the indigent.  On more than one occasion a homeless person has just been dumped as though they were refuse.

There are restaurants that won’t let you use the bathroom unless you make a purchase.  Think about it …every single human being needs to use the facilities and so why not attach a price tag on taking a shit.  Profit whenever possible and screw the indigent who have few options. 

I don’t have the answer to the homelessness problem, but I do have enough of a sense of humanity to realize that giving them my half eaten food is not an act of generosity.  Only a self involved, narcissist  would think that this is activism. God forbid we engage with people as though they are our equals.

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