What Book Do you Think Need a Warning Label?

From time to time, I like to ask what everyone is reading.  As you all know, I am an avid reader, who would rather settle down to a good book than turning on the television.  At any rate, I recently read Fledgling by Octavia Butler.  Tami you are taking the full blame for this one.  I have heard many good things about the book; however, not a single person bothered to mention the constant pedophilia in the book.  If I were a survivor of child abuse, this would have been beyond triggering for me — as it is, the only thing that stopped me from throwing the book across the room, was the fact that it was on my precious e-reader.  Sparky and I are going to have a more full review of the book for you to read tomorrow, but in the meantime, I thought I would ask, what books have you read that you think should have come with a huge trigger warning and why?  I wish someone had warned me about Fledgling. I never would have read it, had I known how prominently it would feature sex with a child, and I fail to see how ignoring something so blatant, because it is covered by magical woo woo, makes these harmful tropes acceptable.  Maybe by sharing some of the more problematic aspects we have found in books that we have read, we can spare others undo harm.  Let it roll in the comment section.

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