Watermelon For Breasts Oh The Originality


The manufacturers Peshtera angered women’s groups in Bulgaria when they created this ad for their beverage.  The accompanying tag line is as follows:  ‘the watermelon season is here’

“You can’t walk down the street now without some a**hole shouting, ‘Hey – nice watermelons’ and trying to see if they are ripe,” a spokeswoman said.

“The advert encourages sexism and is causing women real harm and humiliation,” said one woman.

It is quite easy to see why this advertisement has been considered humiliating.  It reduces women to parts and then encourages men to think that we are as available as fresh produce.  The tagline further encourages open season on women.

There is nothing clever or original in this ad.  Using women to sell products based in sexism and misogyny, has been standard fare of the advertising industry for decades.  They seem more than willing to turn a blind eye to effects of such lines of thought.  

This kind of reduction is exactly what encourages rape, domestic abuse, sexual harassment etc.  It is specifically because women are viewed as secondary to men that our lives are understood to be disposable.

Troll after troll has come to this blog in an attempt to educate me on the ways in which I am wrong to demand equality and respect.  Make me a sandwich bitch is the most common deleted comment on this blog.  It is all in good fun, until someone gets hurt right?

The point is that someone gets hurt every single day.  Even as a write this, somewhere a woman is being assaulted because some man believes he has the right to her body.  Somewhere someone is engaging in apologism because patriarchy refuses to own the results of its actions.  It might be easy for some to look at this and say no big deal, but that is only because they have chosen to ignore the links between debasement and violence.

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