The Walking Dead, Season Two, Episode Two: Guts

The episode begins with Lori talking about her marital problems with Rick. Right after that she admits that she loves him Shane — who is not dead — pulls up and tells her that Rick has been shot. Even then you can see Shane looking at them with a weird sort of desire.

The seen flashes back to Rick running with Carl after he has been shot. We learn that Otis shot a buck and it went straight through to Carl. Lori stops to look behind her when she hears the gunshot.  It worries her that Rick and Shane have not caught up. Darryl keeps them moving by telling them to stop worrying about Sophia and that she will be just fine, and that Shane and Lori are probably on the way. What I don’t like about this is that they have set Darryl up to lead in the absence of Rick and Shane.  Why couldn’t Andrea take the lead considering that she is such a strong character in the comics. Oh I get, Darryl a character made up for the show is a nature guy and therefore the natural leader. 

Back at the highway, T-Dog and Dale are still waiting for the crew to return.  When T-Dog shows him his arm, Dale discovers that it is infected and he needs antibiotics. Dale decides that they have scavenge the area again to and find some antibiotics. After a search, all T-Dog is able to find is a pack of cigarettes and some ibuprofen. Finally, with a look or resignation, T-Dog tells Dale that they were left behind because they are viewed as the weakest, and that he feels that his situation is precarious because he is a Black man. He tells Dale that there are two good ole boy sheriffs and a redneck that would cut off his own hand because he dropped a key. He believes that he is going to be the first to be lynched.  Dale tells hm that the sheriffs have saved their ass.  T-Dog responds by suggesting that  he and Dale  leave, because they are sitting there “like live bait,” but when Dale checks his forehead, it’s clear that he has a fever.

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