The Walking Dead Season Two Episode One: What Lies Ahead

When we last saw The Walking Dead, Rick and the fellow survivors left the CDC after it was blown up.  The show opens up with Rick on the rooftop of a building talking to Morgan via the radio. He explains Jacqui’s death by saying that she had lost faith; however,  I don’t know if that is enough to justify the writers killing off the only woman of colour on the show. Rick tells Morgan that they are moving forward to Fort Benning.  He says that he is trying hard not to lose faith for the sake of his family, and that he believes that because they have such few numbers, that they have to stick together, and be willing to lay their lives down for each other. In these moments, you can clearly see Rick’s struggle, as he signs off saying that he hopes to meet Morgan in Fort Benning one day.

When Dale’s RV’s radiator hose causes the engine to over heat on the highway, they are forced to come to a stop. Darryl begins to look for items in the abandoned vehicles, but of course concern troll Lori pipes up to say that she does not know about this, because they would looting a graveyard. Yeah, I think in a situation like that, it’s okay to take everything you need. Lori of course judges, Carol when she holds up a shirt and admires it saying, “Ed never let me wear nice clothes like this”.  I am starting to think Lori needs to be eaten along with Shane, but I take heart in the fact that I know what happens to her in the comics.

The highway is quickly overrun by roamers, and the survivors are forced to hide under the vehicles. When T-dog accidentally cuts himself and blood comes pouring out of his arm, I thought for sure that he was a dead man walking, but he is saved by Darryl.  Really? Couldn’t we have him save himself the way that Andrea did?  I suppose I should be grateful that he wasn’t turned into snack food because that would have left Glenn as the only person of color on the show.  Darryl puts a dead body over himself and T-dog to hide their scent.  I cannot imagine the horror of lying there praying not to be discovered, with a dead body on top of you.

When Sophia goes missing, of course Shane has to pipe up that maybe she was to scared to listen to Ricks instructions. What else was Rick supposed to do?  Rick sends Shane and Glenn back to the highway to clear the cars and get ready to move.  When Carl finds an arsenal, he takes it to Lori and she tells him that he cannot keep a weapon. Carl then appeals to Shane for help, and he orders him to take the arsenal to Dale.  You would think that would be enough for Lori and Shane (who is not dead), but she yells at him for crushing Carl’s heart and then is upset that he is giving her the cold shoulder.  Ummm Shane who is not dead tried to rape her in the last episode.  Can we have some consistency please. Shane has the nerve to call what happened in the rec room a mistake, and says that he is leaving the group. He plans to quietly slip away the next chance that he gets. Lori should be happy to see him go but proving that you cannot possibly make this woman happy she is upset. Why oh why would Lori be sad to see the man that attempted to rape her leave? Don’t get your hopes up on Shane leaving though, according to IMBD, he will be in the entire second season.

Darryl takes down a walker with his bow, and Rick discovers that there is flesh in its mouth and under its fingernail.  Darryl guts the walker in an attempt to learn what it has just fed on.  Rick so clearly is physically ill and struggles not to vomit.  Darryl tells him the zombie had a big meal not long ago. When they cut him open they discover that the walker had a woodchuck for lunch.  Honestly I don’t know how Rick managed not to be sick, just watching, I felt my stomach turning.

Andrea confronts Dale about taking her gun and when she asks for it back, he tells her that he does not think it’s a good idea because he’s not comfortable with it.  Shane of course says that the less guns they have floating around camp the better. When Maggie asks Shane if he is going to give up his gun, he says no, because he is trained and he believes that what everyone needs is proper training with the guns. Can we all say paternalistic excuse for sexism.  Having a gun could be the difference between life and death but of course the mens are there to protect the women. This is further highlighted when Shane turns to ask Dale why he made the decision he did.  So it looks like the men this season are set to put on a united front to keep the women in line.

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