The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode Eleven: Better Angels

The episode opens with Dale’s funeral where Rick says that Dale was honest and brave.  “I couldn’t always read him but he could read us. He saw people for who they were.  He knew things about us the truth – who we really are.  In the end, he was talking about losing our humanity and he said this group was broken. From now on we are going to do it his way, that his how we honour Dale,” Rick said in his eulogy of Dale. 

In flash scene, we see Andrea, Shane, T Dog and Darryl driving until they come across some zombies, and then they stop to kill them.

They decide it’s time to move everyone into the house, saying that with winter coming they are too vulnerable. When Rick talks about releasing Randall again, Shane is upset, but Rick tells him that the plan was right, but the execution was wrong. Shane is clearly not at all mollified.

Alone  with Rick, Hershel says that he has no patience with Shane anymore.  When Andrea joins them, Rick asks her to keep an eye on things.  Hershel says that if he stays there permanently that Shane has to understand that what he and Rick says goes.  Andrea is upset about being asked to baby sit Shane, and tells Rick that maybe he should stop leaving.  Yeah, so now they have Andrea saying Lori’s lines?  If she hadn’t aligned herself with Shane to begin with, Rick never would have thought to ask

Carl approaches Shane and wants to talk, but asks him to promise not to tell his parents.  Shane says that this is a bad idea for both of them, but when Carl walks away, Shane calls him back.  Carl shows Shane the handgun he took from Darryl’s motorcycle and admits the role that he played in Dale’s death. Shane tells him that it is not his fault, and that he needs to hold onto the gun to protect himself.  Carl tells him that he is never touching another gun again, but Shane answers that this is not an option. Carl tells Shane to give it back to Darryl and walks away.

Glenn comes in the house and Maggie tells him to put his stuff in her room, but Glenn is not comfortable doing that with Hershel in the house.  So he can have sex with her in a pharmacy with the threat of death hanging over them, but Hershel being in the same house is too much?  Really?

Hershel gives up the bed to Lori, and says that he will take the couch rather than seeing a pregnant Lori sleeping on the floor.  When Lori says that she can’t because this is Hershel’s home, Hershel tells her that it is their home as well. When Lori attempts to refuse, T-dog says “if you two can’t decide, I’ll take it”.  Great, they can’t give T Dog anything serious to do but move shit around, but hey, he can play the role of comic relief.

When Hershel and T-dog go inside,  Laurie see Shane fixing the windmill.   They chat about life before the zombies and Laurie asks him to come down. Laurie says, “this is real and we can’t keep at bay; it’s already got us and it just keeps coming.  I made a mess of things, and I put you and Rick at odds. I don’t even know whose baby this is.  I can’t imagine how hard that is on you.  You lead us out of Atlanta with no thought of yourself. ” She tells him that she never thanked him for getting them out of Atlanta.  “Even though things got confused between us, you were there for me, thank you”.  Shane says that he she doesn’t need to thank him for that.  Lori says, “what ever happened between us, I’m sorry Shane. Please believe me I am so sorry”.

Okay, what the fuck was that? No, seriously, what the fuck was that?  Did she suddenly forget that Shane tried to rape her?  What woman decides to thank her rapist?  I am sick and tired of the way that The Walking Dead has chosen to treat the attempted rape like it never happened.  We are only encouraged to see Shane as bad because, he killed Otis.  What’s a little attempted rape right?  This is just one more sign that the writers don’t take their female characters seriously.   

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