Vanity Fair: Tiger Woods The Thug

imageSince Tiger crashed his car and women started coming out of the woodworks about his sexual exploits, Tigers image has been irrevocably changed.  Gone is the family friendly nice guy; now we have Tiger Woods the sex addicted thug.  Unfortunately, Tigers activities fall directly in line with many of the racist understandings of Black male sexuality.  Not only did he have sex with numerous women, they all have one thing in common; they are white.

Mr Calablasian, signed a contract with White America and became an honorary White man. He agreed not to go chasing down the sacred flesh of White femininity.   No matter how much Whiteness may love their Black or in the case of Tiger, Calablasian sports stars, having sex with White women is still a no no.

This picture sends the message to White women that Tiger is indeed a member of the scary Black man crowd, whether or not he identifies as Calablasian.  He is shirtless with an expression that is decidedly threatening and therefore there can be no doubt that the express purpose of this image is to intimidate.  I guess Nike will not be creating anymore I am Tiger Woods commercials anytime soon. 

As angry as I am at Vanity Fair for publishing this image, I am even more incensed at Tiger for posing for it.   When you were winning a green jacket and were the darling of the golf world, you were quick to tell the world that you were Calablasian and now that your dirty deeds have come to light, you are embracing the most negative constructions of Black masculinity.  Let’s be honest shall we, no one will ever look at this photo and comment about Calablasians, NO they will talk about the perversion and sexual aggressiveness of Black men.  Considering he didn’t want to be part of the Black community, it is ironic that Mr. Woods seems to have no problem making it that much harder for a Black man to make it in this life.

Tiger, do us all a favour and put your shirt on; we don’t need anymore reminders of just how scary Black men apparently are.

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