The Vampire Diaries Season Three, Episode Six: Smells Like Teen Spirit

This episode opens with Alaric teaching Elena some defensive moves against vampires.  He tells her that she needs to bulk up, because she is not physically strong enough to stab a vampire. Alaric makes the point of telling Elena that a vampire will hurt her without remorse, and she tells him that he doesn’t need to use pronouns and that she knows he is talking about Stefan. Finally, Elena is recognizing that Stefan is dangerous.

At the school, yes I said school, Caroline seems excited about her senior year of high school.  What shocked me is all of the Black people in the background.  Where did all these Black kids from?  And behold, Caroline isn’t actually feeding on them. Elena is upset because she met Stefan a year ago on the first day of school, but she apparently is putting it all behind her, because she is starting a new life. Bonnie however is miserable because Jeremy is able to see Anna and knows that their relationship ended because she died, and not because they actually broke up.

At Stefan and Damon’s, Stefan has compelled a few girls to play twister as he feeds off of them.  Of course, Rebecca shows up to whine that Klaus left her behind.  Rebecca is quickly becoming my least favorite character to ever appear on this show.  I can handle self-concerned vampire, but whining and snipping in a creature this old is ridiculous. She behaves as though she is 16 and not ancient. When Rebecca asks which one her room is, Stefan tells her that she is not staying there, and she calls them rude and stalks off to find her own room.

Bonnie is actually jealous of Anna the ghost. Anna is dead, but yet Bonnie feels the need to tell Jeremy that he has the power to decide whether or not he sees her.  Sitting in his truck, Matt reminisces with Vicky about the first day of school last year. When he tells her that he misses her, Vicky tells Matt that there is a way that he can help her come back. Once again, I feel that this whole storyline exists simply to justify Matt’s continued participation on the show.

When Tyler shows up with blood on his shirt, Caroline and Elena drag him into the bathroom. It seems that Rebecca hooked him up with a blood bag.  Rebecca’s job is to keep an eye on Tyler because he is the first hybrid.  He is absolutely giddy about this, but Caroline is not at all pleased.  For Tyler it means a whole new world and I can understand why he is excited.

When Elena leaves the bathroom to let them argue it out, she is stopped by Stefan.  Apparently, he is  playing the role of high school Sr. to keep an eye on her. When Alaric interrupts them, Stefan slams him up against a locker, and tells Alaric that he is not going to want to get into his way.  Elena explains the situation to Alaric, and then tells him that Stefan being in the school is not good for anyone. That’s a case of no shit sherlock if I have ever heard it.  In class, Rebecca of all people shows up.

Matt and Vicky talk in the stoner pit, and she tells him that she has a witch ( I wonder how Black the witch is?) on the other side, who is willing to push her through, and that she will be able to come and go as she pleases, if Matt performs the ritual.  Jeremy shows up and talks to Matt, pretending that he does not see Vicky.  He walks off and talks to Anna, who tells him that Vicky is surrounded by darkness. Anna tells Jeremy that you cannot upset the balance of nature from the other side, and that Vicky must have agreed to pay a price.  Vicky plays upon Matt’s emotions, telling him that he does not have to be alone anymore.

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