The Vampire Diaries Season Three, Episode Five: 'The Reckoning'

The writers really should have titled this episode, “It’s All About Elena Again.”  It galls me that this irritating character is the center of this show.  At any rate, for the first time this season, the kids all show up at school. Nope, they didn’t actually attend a class — school after all is only about having a center for some sort of event.  The kids are there to prank the school as part of a high school senior tradition. This involved gluing toilet seat lids and leaving mouse traps all over the school gym.  Matt is the only one not into this, and all he think about is his dear departed sister.  I think that this just smacks of attempting to make Matt’s character relevant.

After much ridiculous high school pranks, Klaus shows up and sure enough silly Elena tries to run away.  Hello, if you cannot outrun a vampire, you cannot possibly outrun a hybrid. Klaus is absolutely determined to find out why he does not have the ability to make more hybrids.

Katherine and Damon continue with their little road trip and after flirting, Damon kisses Catherine and then pushes her away.  He wants it to be clear that he no longer has feelings for her.  Okay, he pined for this woman for 150 years, and I don’t understand how this love dried up and died so quickly — though Katherine is conniving. Just last season, Damon’s heart was broken when Katherine told him that she  only loved Stefan and that it was always Stefan.  Yes, his kiss was supposedly about dealing with the sexual tension in the car.

When they pull into a truck stop, Damon throws the keys into the woods and refuses to leave until Katherine tells him what she is up to.

Rebecca and Stefan have a tussle when he tries again to convince her that his allegiance is to Klaus.  Rebecca tells him petulantly that he might as well stop lying, because she knows how he feels about Elena and they know that Elena is still alive.  When she threatens Elena’s life, Stefan launches himself at her only to be stabbed in the stomach.  Okay, am I the only one that said what the hell is he doing?  Vampires gain their strength over time, and since Rebecca is an original vampire, how the hell did Stefan think that he could defeat her?  Oh I know, he was overcome with rage at the thought of anything happening to his self involved love Elena.

Back in the high school, Klaus kills Tyler and feeds him his blood, in an attempt to turn him however, this is a death sentence, because every single were that Klaus has turned has died.  Klaus tells Bonnie that she had better find a way to break the original witches curse, if she wants Tyler to live. Bonnie and Matt rush off to find Jeremy, because Bonnie’s grimoires don’t go back a thousand years and she needs Jeremy to be able to contact the ghosts of the dead witches.

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