The Vampire Diaries Season Three: Episode Eleven: Our Town

It seems that “our town,” is made of teen angst, love triangles, serial murder and founders day worship, and this basically makes it just another day in Mystic Falls. It seems that the big plan is to drag out the opening of Klaus’ family coffins.  To keep us interested however, we learned this episode that there is an extra coffin.  Seeing as how his brothers, sisters and father, are all accounted for, someone significant must be in the extra coffin, and Bonnie believes that whoever is in that coffin has the power to kill Klaus.  Since Klaus’ mother is dead, I believe that the person in the extra coffin is the witch friend of Klaus’ mother.  Who do you think it might be?

Alright straight into the angst shall we? The love triangle between Elena, Stefan and Damon is still running strong.  This week there was the suggestion that despite all of his bravado that Stefan might still have very strong feelings for Elena.  When Stefan threatens to kill Elena, by driving her off the same bridge that her parents died on, Klaus is resistant to believe that he will turn her into a vampire and says to Damon, “love like that never dies.”  Okay people, say it with me, awwwww.  After Klaus capitulates in order to ensure that Elena will live, because she is the key to him making more hybrids, Stefan stops the car.  (Don’t you wish they would just stop putting Elena in peril when there is zero chance that she will do us all a favor and disappear from the show?) Elena is visibly upset.  She later attacks Stefan and asks how he could do this to her, and he answers that he has lost everything, and that he knew when he left town that he had lost her for good.  When she asks him if he is trying to make her hate him, he says that he no longer cares what she thinks of him.  Nothing like lovers games: go away, come back, go away, come back, go away, come back.

Why or why is Elena even talking to Stefan?  He is supposed to be the so-called good vampire, and yet she has witnessed the corpses he has left behind, as well as seen the long list of his victims.  Just that night he threatened to kill her violently, and forced his blood down her throat (note: blood transfer this way is a metaphor for semen and rape), and yet she is still concerned with whether or not he might love her.  This absolutely disgusts me, and doubly so because this crap is aimed at young women.  Violence is not romantic, no matter how much the abuser claims to love you, and there is no doubt about it, Stefan is a violent, abusive murderer.

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