The Vampire Diaries: Plan B

This episode began sexy, sexy, sexy.  In one bed we had Elena making out with Stefan and another, Katherine making out with Mason. Unfortunately for Stefan and Elena, auntie Jenna actually heard them. I believe that this is further proof that they are teenagers in name only.  Very few guardians would sit quietly while this was going on. Why they didn’t just age the characters to begin with is beyond me, because they don’t behave like teenagers in the slightest. 

Once again this episode, Jeremy was an irritant.  He showed up at the Salvatore brothers home and told them that he knew the Lockwood secret.  He even went as far as to say that he could get Tyler to give him the moonstone. Ever timely, Ric arrives with the news that he believes that the moonstone is Aztec (yep appropriation and exotifiying another culture) may break the vampire/werewolf curse.

Elena runs into Bonnie and takes that opportunity to get her caught up.  The minute she ran into Bonnie I knew that Bonnie would be doing the whole witch sidekick thing this episode.  Of course, shortly after that Bonnie bumps into Mason and gets a vision of him kissing Elena.  After discussing it with Stefan, she realizes that the vision she saw was not Elena but Katherine.  Again, I feel the need to point out that the likelihood of a descendant looking so similar is astronomical.  Not even siblings look that much alike.

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