The Vampire Diaries: Masquerade

Katherine decides to meet the Salvatore brothers at a masquerade ball to attempt to retrieve the moonstone.  For this she enlists the aid of another witch.  How many of you were surprised to discover that once again the witch in question was a WOC?  Is there such a thing as a White woman that is a witch in Vampire Diaries land or does the magic woo woo simply belong to WOC?  Rather than finding this empowering, I find it to be highly racist, but then the show itself seems to literally be one Whiteness celebration after another – hello founders celebrations everyone.

Alaric is tasked with keeping Elena occupied, after he hands over some fancy weaponry to The Salvatores, Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline.  This is not the dream team.  Stefan and Katherine dance and verbally spar to Mad World at the ball. I have to say, the version of the song played during the episode was really kind of haunting, though I could have done without watching Katherine kill a woman to prove that she meant business to Stefan at the end.

Jermey does his best to stay relevant by approaching Katherine to tell her that the Salvatore brothers are waiting for her.  When she asks why he got selected to deliver the message, he tells her that he is not afraid of her.  I get that Jeremy has the fancy ring which stops him from dying, but it does not make him invulnerable. It was ridiculous to watch this kid tell a vampire that is potentially hundreds of years old that he is not afraid.  To me, that sounded like a bit suicidal. But I digress.  Katherine then approaches Caroline and demands to know where the moonstone is and what the brothers are planning.  Caroline extricates herself from the situation by lying skillfully.

Elena discovers that Jeremy has left for Tyler’s faux charity Masquerade (no idea where the money goes, but it’s for charity) ball and decides that she has to go and intervene.  Oh dear, what if people got hurt because of her.  Is it even possible to have a female protagonist in this genre that is not completely self absorbed.  No one else could possibly have a reason to attempt to kill Katherine other than protecting Elena. Sure enough, the Salvatore brothers trap Katherine in a room and proceed to try to kill her — unfortunately each wound that Katherine gets shows up on Elena.  It turns out that Katherine had her witch buddy cast a spell. 

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