The Vampire Diaries Killed or Be Killed

This week opens with a Lockwood tete a tete as Mason and Tyler discuss the werewolf curse.  Mason once again assures Tyler that he does not want to become a werewolf and that the only way to control himself once the moon shifts is to drug himself and tie himself up. The scene shifts and we are taken back a year.  Mason is leaving a bar when he is confronted by a friend.  The friend accuses Mason of cheating with his girlfriend and a fight quickly ensues.  Mason attempts to defend himself but in the process his friend ends up dead and we see Mason’s eyes shift.  I suppose I should be happy that at least this time the dead body is not of colour. Mason once again uses this opportunity to press Tyler for the moonstone.

Back at Elena’s home, Jeremy asks what they are going to do about Katherine.  Elena reminds him that she promised to tell him the truth but she does not want him involved because it is just to dangerous.  Jeremy shows her the ring and leaves the room.  Is it me, or is it simply ridiculous that Elena continually pulls the paternalistic attitude with Jeremy when she is at most 1-2 years older?  Stefan pops by for a visit and the two plan their next staged fight. 

The sheriff tells Caroline that she plans to help out with the community event that day.  Caroline is clearly not impressed and asks if she is going to play mommy for the day. At the event Stefan approaches Mason and asks for a truce between them.  Mason reminds him that he didn’t start anything and is reluctant to agree until Stefan reminds him that there are two of them and only one of him.  He shakes hands with Stefan and promptly tells the sheriff that Stefan and Damon are vampires.  She does not believe him at first and Mason offers to prove it.

Stefan and Elena stage yet another mock fight in Catherine and Damon’s earshot.  These two are so obvious.  I have to say that when Nina Dobrev is playing the part of Elena her acting is at its worst. She comes across as a petulant child but then, perhaps the issue is that I simply don’t like the character or find much redeeming about her.  Elena goes off with Caroline and Damon and Stefan talk.

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Editors Note: Tonight at 6pm EST Tami and I will be doing a breakdown of this week’s episode.  Please try and join us live For those that miss the show, I will post the podcast on the blog, early tomorrow morning. 

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