Vampire Diaries: Brave New World

Well, I am sure by now everyone reading knows that I am a complete vampire freak, from True Blood, to Twilight, I just cannot say no.  Two weeks ago, the season premier of The Vampire Diaries aired.  Can you guess what that means?  Yep, happy, happy, joy, joy, I will be writing a review each week.  If you are not already watching, now is the time to start.  This week I am just going to do a simple overview,  but I will get into more details with each successive post.  On Monday evenings at 6pm EST Tammi, of What Tami said and Racialicious and I, will be hosting a podcast to share with you our thoughts on each episode starting on September 27.
The Vampire Diaries airs on the CW and so of course, this means that it is not without its share of teen angst.  The very first season pretty much established a bit of a love triangle between Elena, our typical teenage heroine and the GORGEOUS, Salvatore brothers (they are the vamps in question).  Stefan is stoic and the good vamp because he only feeds on animals whereas; his hot brother played by Ian Sommerhalder (that man makes me want to fan myself) Damon, is a very complicated individual, who subsists on human blood.  It is clear that he has a tough exterior and soft under belly.  Damon is stronger than Stefan though they are the same age because he feeds on human blood. Both vamps are attracted to Elena, because she looks like her vamp ancestor Katherine.  Katherine crossed both brothers over to the side of the undead and fueled the competition between them.  

The Salvatore brothers are considered a founding family in Mystic Falls.  Only the descendants of the founding families know that vampires exist, and they have made it their duty to keep the town safe from the undead.  In their human life, the Salvatore brothers watched as several vampires were buried in a tomb.  Both Damon and Stefan tried to save them, for love of Katherine, but they were unable to.  Damon vowed to set Katherine free one day.  What he did not know, is that she had escaped the entrapment and spent the last 140 years doing as she pleased, leaving him to focus on what he thought was his lost love.  When he is finally able to get the tomb open with the help of Steffan, Elena and Bonnie the local witch, he is disappointed to find that she is not in there.

At the end of season two we find Catherine on Elena’s porch kissing Damon, because he believes that she is Elena.  Ummm, if you have not seen that kiss, you really should; it`s hot as hell.  When they discover that it is indeed Katherine, she makes it clear that she came back for Stefan and not Damon.  When Damon tries to kiss Elena, she rejects him saying that she loves Steffan and not Damon.  Let me say right here, that these women are making the wrong choice.  At any rate, we now have a rejected and brooding Damon.  Both Salvatore brothers want Katherine out of town and so she declares her evil intentions by killing Elena’s friend Caroline, unaware that she was full of Damon’s blood.

In the background, we have what are clearly a family of werewolves.  Don’t you just love stories that have many supernatural creatures?  Well, Tyler is still unaware that he is a werewolf, but his uncle knows what he is, because he is one himself.  Breaking the tradition of working class werewolves, Tyler is the son of the former mayor and he has  a lot of class privilege. It is clear that there is an impending showdown between the werewolves and the vamps.  Of course,  everyone knows that these two creatures are unable to share the same habitat without some kind of shit going down.

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