The Vampie Diaries: Memory Lane

This episode focused largely on the relationship between Katherine and Stefan.  Stefan has long been convinced that Katherine compelled him to love her, and therefore believed that there was another, far more sinister reason for her return to Mystic Falls.  Stefan awakes to find Katherine in his bed and jumps up startled. At first he pretends to be taken in by her and then stabs her in the back.  He ties her up in the basement jail and then tortures her by running vervain along her cheek to force her to speak. We later learn that this really had no effect on her because she has been sipping vervain for decades to build up an immunity.

She recounts the way he attempted to woo her in the 1800’s and how taken aback she was by him.  She tells of Damon coming into her room and her compelling him to leave, because she was overcome with her affection for Stefan.  When he again tells her that he was compelled, she tells him that she only began to compel him after she told him what she was to deal with his fear.

We learn that during her first time in Mystic Falls that the Lockwood family were killing humans when they shifted to werewolf form and were busy placing the blame on the town vampires. Katherine arranged for the vampires to burned in the church and this further horrified Stefan, because they were supposedly her family.  We don’t learn why she made the deal with the Lockwoods, only that she was desperate to have everyone believe that she was dead.  She says that Stefan and Damon almost ruined her plan to escape.  Before she drives off with Lockwood, she kisses Stefan, telling him that they will be together again one day.  I think from this that it is clear that what she feels for Stefan is real and the real mystery is what caused her to fake her own death.

At the Lockwood mansion, Tyler confronts Mason about how to become a werewolf.  We learn that it is a family curse that only takes effect after you kill someone.

Never one to leave anything alone, Damon gets himself invited to a gathering at Elena’s house hosted by her aunt.  Aleric came up with this idea and used the lie of wanting to learn about her former escapades as a reason.  Damon spends the gathering making dog comments to make Mason aware that he knows his secret.  Finally alone, Mason tells him that the feud need not carry on between the two of them and that he only came into town to help Tyler deal with the loss of his father.  This to me seems like a valid reason, however Damon did not see it that way. Damon takes what appears to be a silver knife and stabs Mason in the stomach.  He begins to walk away with a swagger, but Mason stands up telling him that werewolves made up the myth about silver.  He tells Damon that he has now made an enemy.

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Editor’s Note: Please tune in tonight at 6pm EST as Tami from What Tami said and I break down this weeks episode.  I will post the podcast here and at Women’s Eye On Media for those of you who miss it.


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