Uncle Ruckus: Every House Slave Has A Mentor

If you can stand to watch the above video, you will see that Uncle Ruckus, though a cartoon, is a perfect example of an internalized racist.   From birth, Black children are taught to devalue themselves and uplift Whiteness and this has real and lasting effects.   The house slave did not die on emancipation day, rather s/he continued to occupy a particular place in our community.

The one thing that Whiteness has always been able to count on is the help of some self hating negro to continue to perpetuate the lie that an essential difference exists between Whites and Blacks.  Whether they appear in the form of Michael Steele, or Jessie Lee Peterson, the house slave exists with a colonized mind that stubbornly refuses to seek freedom.

They believe that by associating themselves with Whiteness, that they can somehow avoid the trials and tribulations that normally confront people of color.  What they do not realize is that despite their statements of solidarity, to Whiteness, a nigger is a nigger.

The Boondoocks is not a funny show, though it is presented as comedy.  We may not like to admit it but these self hating negroes really do exist.  Were it not for their continued aid, Whiteness could not maintain power in the manner that it does.  Let’s think about the fact that whenever FOX news decides to put their original KKK spin on the news, they always find an uncle Tom to back them up, so that they can claim that their language/spin is not racist.

The uncle Ruckus’s of this world are purposefully created.  Even before a child enters the world through the school system, most of the images they will see in the media are of White people.  Watch the Saturday morning cartoons and count the people of color; bet you won’t need to go beyond two hands. Even the commercials that advertise the toys that manufacturers want them to crave feature white children.

When they head off to school they learn about Jack and Jill going up the hill, they will see that even though the textbooks these days are integrated, they contain far more images of Whiteness than they do people of color.  Perhaps, they will have the misfortune to be taught by a bigoted teacher, which will encourage them to hate education, receive a spanking  (yes black children are spanked more often in schools) or be made to feel stupid.   Then of course, they have the other children to deal with, who may have no problem engaging in racist behaviour because that is what they have been taught is acceptable in their home (note: my child was 5 when he was first called “the brown boy” by a fellow student).

Throughout their formative years, a Black child will be told repeatedly that they are less and not capable of achieving any success.  Is it any wonder that after a steady stream of indoctrination, you end up with people like Uncle Ruckus who believe that everything Black is bad and that everything White is good? Not everyone has the moral fortitude and strength to assert self worth in a world that is determined to deny basic humanity to POC? 

To be honest, the Uncle Ruckus’s of this word piss me off.  They make it that much harder to hold my head up high but I do understand them.  I know exactly why they believe what they do and I see them for the sad defeated individuals that they are.  When we look at the doll test and see the sadness in the eyes of the children that choose the white doll over the Black doll, we should not be surprised when they turn into adults who continue to believe that Whiteness is the symbol of perfection, when there have not been any large changes in our social organization.

There will always be those that choose to identify with the oppressor, however if we can work towards making sure that every child is aware of not only their potential but their worth, perhaps we can reduce the amount of people that grow up to work in favour of maintaining our raciaized dysfunction.   The less people we have working in favour of Whiteness the better.  No one is uplifted from a position of self loathing.

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