Tyra, Natural Hair Does Not Include A Relaxer

For the fifth season premiere week of the Tyra Show, she decided to show the world what her natural hair looked like.

[Starting at 0:53] Okay, so let’s talk about my hair right now. I know it’s been a big mystery, and I was like, it was an unsolved mystery, and I felt like I needed to solve this mystery. Like, I’ve worn weaves and wigs and pieces and clip-ons and clip-outs and clip-downs and -arounds [laughter] since I was seventeen, eighteen years old! And I wanted to show the real me; I wanted to show the raw me. And I just got out of the shower—did the face first, of course, y’all—and then came out of here on this stage, and this is me, y’all. This is me. [cheers and applause]

What really happened, is  girlfriend took out her horse hair extensions but is still rocking the relaxer.  UH HUH that’s natural baby.  What makes this even more irritating, is that the dolt thought that this was an act of bravery and was controversial. 

Natural hair means no chemicals..it means accepting that your Afrocentric features are beautiful.  Since Madame CJ Walker became a millionaire preying upon the internalization of Whiteness, many Blacks have succumbed to the belief that wearing their natural hair in public is uncouth.  Some would even classify it as extremely low class.  What is unapologetically Black makes many uncomfortable.

Tyra walked on to the stage to a round of great applause and she stood there basking in the glow, as though she had just done the bravest of acts.  Standing in front of the world as your natural self should not constitute a radical act.  Black women have been masculinized to serve the purposes of white hegemony and patriarchy. The performance of femininity is even more crucial to being understood as woman if you are Black.  Even when we emulate the construction, we are still accused of being manly- consider the  Williams sisters.  What Tyra did was not brave, it only confirmed that only those that internalize White beauty standards are acceptable. 

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