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Many of you have reported having difficulty with the new commenting system.  I have contacted Intense Debate and it is my hope to have the issue resolved forthwith.  Please continue to report any difficulties you may be having to [email protected] I understand that this is frustrating and that it hampers the flow of conversation but it is a necessary headache at this point to ensure that womanistmusings is a safe space for debate.  Many of the threads have been infected by trolls and this has not only stunted conversation but at times made it a very hostile environment. 

Item 2

I have added a few new blogs to the blogroll. Please check them out.  They are all written by WOC.  I feel that it is important to hear from different voices to enlarge the conversation. 

Thanks for your patience everyone,


Editors Note: I believe that the commenting issues have been resolved. If you continue to have issues please e-mail me at the above address.

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