Turkish Reporter Wears Blackface To Report On Obama


How is everyone enjoying our post racial world? Though Turkey is a very different society than the US, clearly the idea of demeaning another based in difference translates across culture and ethnicity.  What purpose could donning blackface have been other than to devalue blacks?  

One could argue that  the Turkish reporter in question did not know the history of blackface and how racist it is perceived to be by Black Americans however, his ignorance in this case is no defence.  He intentionally meant to point out difference.  You will note that no one thought to put on “white face” when George Bush was president. 

Blackface is a mockery no matter who performs it because it reduces Blacks to cartoon characters.  Not only does this reporter owe Barack an apology, he owes one to every single Black person in the African Diaspora. We are all defamed by such behaviour. 

Tell me again that the balance of power is changing in the world because a Black man is president.   Nothing significant has happened in the last 100 days to ensure that Blacks receive the respect that we deserve. No matter where we go on this planet we are always perceived as lesser than beings and this is because whiteness or the ability to be understood as white is overvalued.   If the president of United States cannot be accorded basic human respect what chance do we ordinary citizens have?

H/T Monica@ Transgriot via e-mail

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