Tune Tuesday: The Tragically Hip Ahead By A Century


Once again the embedding was shut down on youtube, so please click the above image to hear the song.  The Tragically Hip is one of my all time favourite Cannuck bands.  I have tried desperately to construct a specific memory of this band.  Every time that they have played anywhere near me, I have had to work, or been to sick to go.  It’s like I have the curse of The Tragically Hip.  I know many of their songs by heart and Ahead by a Century is one of my all time favs.  When Katrina happened, New Orleans is Sinking was banned from the airwaves.  Looking back, it was quite prophetic that they wrote that song.  At any rate, you know the routine.  Please share your hip memories in the comment section, or feel free to give a shout out to your favourite song.

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