Tune Tuesday: Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen

I know that I am dating myself by admitting this, but I had my first kiss to this song.  He was far more experienced than I was, but it did not set off the fireworks that I had expected.  So much for butterflies.

This song came to mind as I was talking about first dates with Sparky last night. He was curious about how the unhusband and I met.  In actuality, the unhusband is very lucky that he got a second date out of me.  The very first time that we met he moved in for a kiss very quickly and then took me out for ice cream.  In his defence, it was a very hot day in June. 

For our second date I decided that I wanted to go for a long drive in the country.  I find that relaxing.  Eventually we got hungry and started looking for lunch.  You would think that because this was his first official date with me, that he would look for a nice place, but ooooooh no.  The unhusband took me to McDonalds and then told me that I could order whatever I wanted off of the menu.  Can you smell the generosity?  I decided to give him a second chance and he did redeem himself by taking me to a nice restaurant for our second date together. 

Please share any memories you have associated with this song, or any memories you have of first dates. 

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