Tune In Tuesday

As with last week I am going to offer you a song and tell you about the memories I have associated with it.  Please feel free to share in the comment section what memories you have associated with it.

This is from the first movie I ever saw with the unhusband.   Kind of appropriate that I saw a gushy romance with what was to be the love of my life.  I remember him asking why the hell women think it is so romantic that  a man is willing to die for them, as this was the tagline of the movie and the song. Being the “rational” thinker that he is, he of course pointed out that after the guy is dead, the relationship is over.  In what was to be the first of many times, I called him a DUD and told him to go with it.

If I believed in weddings, this song might actually have been our wedding song but since I have decided to forgo the horror of the white dress, I’ll just have to remember it as the song of one of our first dates…No, it’s not “our song”, which oddly enough is all about breaking up; don’t ask, nothing we do is ever simple.

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