Tune in Tuesday: Watching The Wheels John Lennon

This is one of my favourite John Lennon songs.  When I worked outside of the home, the company that I worked for had an awful soundtrack that they played daily but fortunately this song was on it.  I would hear it and for as long as it was playing, I could pretend that I was in a happier place.  It would always upset me if they played this song when I was on break because I knew that for the most part, the rest of the day would be filled with torture music. John Lennon is responsible for some of the worlds most wonderful music in my humble opinion.  It is a testament to how great he was that all these years later that his music still stands the test of time.  It does not feel dated or out of place and stands heads and tails above some of the current hits. What is your favourite Lennon song and why is it special to you?

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