Tune in Tuesday: Our Lady Peace Edition

Who knew there was more to music in the great white north than Brian Adams.  Grab an attack beaver everyone the Cannucks are at it again. Whose house?

Our House

The above is another don’t let the dark skin fool you song.  I remember when I was out with a group of acquaintances and this song came on and  I started to sing ‘cause at the time it was one of my favourite angst songs.  Of course, all the White people had their mouths open like they were fly fishing.  Ha ha ha.  Yes, Black people listen to more than rap and r&b.  Of course they explained it by the White man I just happen to share my life with.  Yep, the Whiteness rubbed off on me ‘cause lord knows that a Black woman would never have chosen to listen to this song all on her lonesome.  Mystery explained, the world is back on keel. Of course I was in to this because I had already left the race.  (head desk fail)

If you are a fan of Our Lady Peace, or simply want to relate a time when you shocked someone with your taste in music let it fly in the comment section.

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