Tune in Tuesday: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HOT DOG Song

Though this song annoys me to no end, I cannot help but smile a little when I hear it.  Recently, I have written about the kiddie torture that my children seem intent on subjecting me to on a daily basis.  This little song is one of Mayhem’s favourites and each day I am commanded to get off of my comfortable couch to do the hot dog dance.  This is a warning to those of you who don’t have kids.  Yes, something like the hot dog dance awaits you should you be brave enough to reproduce.

You will find yourself in the car one day on the way to work singing the theme from Dora or Dorothy the Dinosaur will get stuck in your head.   You will hum along until you realize, hey there are no kids in the car WTH am I doing.  These ridiculous songs will find their way into your brain, where they will invariably ruin a cell or two in the process.   Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  

Oh, if you think you can avoid the really irritating things like Barney, forget it right now.  I managed with Destruction to avoid the purple dinosaur but Mayhem got hooked during a play date and now I daily sing, “I love you, you love me”.  At least he always rewards me with a kiss.  I tell you, if the boys were not so cute, I swear I’d lose my mind.

Okay your turn to share. What kiddie songs have you been subjected to? 

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