Tune in Tuesday: Kiddie Torture Edition

I have recently spent quite a bit of time tweeting about my desire to kick Mickey Mouse in the knee caps for singing  the Hot Dog Song.  Mayhem has become hooked on the family channel like it was a hooked on phonics program.  I have decided to share a few of the tortures that I am daily forced to suffer.  Each time one of these programs comes on, I am expected to sing the theme song as though it does not signal the beginning of the thirty minutes of torture.

Now I ask you dear readers, after going through nine months of him jumping on my bladder and cleaning up litres of gross body fluids, is subjecting me to the above horrors anyway way to say thank you?  My angst has reached such a level that Sparky has considered going into the protection racket for kiddie cartoon characters. 

Mothers Day is fast approaching and Mayhem had better remind the unhusband of my sacrifice when they go shopping. LOL  If you are a parent please share the kiddie torture that you are subjected to and for those who are not, take a stroll down memory lane and share the torture that you subjected your parents to.

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